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We Need a Different Kenya not this One

I recently argued that members of the Kikuyu nation are major victims of the Kenyanised Agikuyu nationalism. When Ndii argues that some locals in Rwaka during last election were chanting "uthamaki wetu, thamaki yao!" and that majority of them have sold all their land to fellow Kikuyu elite for real estate development and speculation we must accept that there is a problem. Like that of Apollo 11, it is a big problem, it can, it will bring down the spacecraft call Project Kenya. The same young people chanting victory have no vision that is tied to Kenya, their lot is to drink themselves to early graves but then they have been meant to believe that uthamaki must be theirs and that they are much better having one of their own as Muthamaki since anything else will be detrimental to them. This falsehood is the basis upon which David Ndii's project Kenya rests.

But look at the talking head called Mutahi Ngunyi. My devils led me to listening to him again on Thursday on JKL. I better obey the Angel in me that always whispers to me that Mutahi Ngunyi is a pedestrian scholar and Jubilee propagandist who sees nothing beyond what he has to see. This is a man who goes to national TV and argues that Raila never became president because he failed to stick with Kibaki and that if he only stuck with Kibaki to the end Kibaki would have made him president he then goes on to argue that Ruto can only become president if he sticks with Uhuru; that if Ruto sticks with Uhuru then Uhuru will make him president. This is consistent with Ngunyi's argument in an article sometimes last year that Kikuyus determine who becomes president; and that whoever wants to be president in Kenya must work with Kikuyus and that one cannot aggress Kikuyus and expect to president. The same Ngunyi is famed of so called tyranny of the numbers although as far as I know he is not the originator of the term. Simply Ngunyi is spreading one ideology; that Kenya is Kikuyu or that Kikuyu is Kenya and that all the other nations of Kenya must either be at the mercy of the Kikuyu or go to hell. What happens then when the other nations will finally get tired if not Ndii's hypothesis? Either divorce or burn. Painful.

But come on, we must rise above the Ngunyis of this country if Project Kenya is to survive. We simply cannot tie the history and fate of Kenya with the history and fate of one Kenyan nation when, in fact, there are over 40 nations. Many Kikuyus are refusing this ideology but the Agikuyu power brokers are craving their blood; listen how they demonize David Ndii; it isn't new in the history of this country, we know what Charles Njonjo went through by aiding or allowing a Moi presidency. I love the emerging Kikuyu thinkers who have demonstrated that they can think for themselves; they must be courageous enough to dismantle this ideology that has held Kenya hostage for over half a century. It is not going to be easy, just like any struggle for liberation, they will pay dearly but what other options do we have? We must support efforts to get Kenya out of the Agikuyu nationalism; it hurts Kenya and it hurts a peasant Kikuyu than it does a Kisii because the ideology is held by and benefits only a few Kikuyu elites
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