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Anti-IEBC Protests Rock Kenya as Lies Fly

I have fairly kept off the anti IEBC demos because it is unlikely that one can talk about them without provoking feelings in some quarters. But then again, you know it is also fallacious to create a wrong perception and deploy state functionaries to attack a distorted version of the truth. Often times the rhetoric from government in a chorus form is that CORD should use constitutional means to deal with the IEBC issue and another one is that the President does not have powers over IEBC. Well there is an advert by the Daily Nation that "lies have the power to change you!" So now these lies have tilted the public perception towards igniting public anger against the owners of the demos. I have ever heard that when you want to eliminate it, you complain it is smelling. The conversations going on is that CORD is using unconstitutional means and that CORD is trying to push the president to do what he has no powers to do etc. Here is the truth though. CORD has since 2014 called for national dialogue. Constitutional matters can be resolved through a national dialogue, and in fact, the constitution creates very clear frameworks for dialogue especially on matters of national concern and those touching on independent institutions; we actually have a standing supreme court advisory on this matter following a petition in 2014. National dialogue is therefore constitutional. But government of Kenya has never appeared to be willing to enter into such dialogue. Two: CORD came up with Okoa Kenya initiative, that was a constitutional attempt at reforming the IEBC since among other issues CORD was seeking to have the IEBC reformed. I guess those who have not come from Mars could be knowing what became of the Okoa Kenya initiative. Currently CORD is doing protests and in as much we may be hating to see such, they are pretty much constitutional. CORD is talking of popular initiative since the Okoa Kenya which could have been through representation failed and that too is very much constitutional. I agree that Uhuru Kenyatta has no powers over the IEBC, in terms of making any unilateral decision or giving any directive but he knows for sure that he has the powers to enter into constructive negotiations to reform the IEBC since it is a matter of national concern and that as well is constitutional. But the President is playing the "I am helpless, you are the ones who created this constitution that removes powers over IEBC from me!" Well lies have the power to change. Think about it. I have not said CORD is an angel neither have I said I support the anti-IEBC protests.
Anti-IEBC Protests Rock Kenya as Lies Fly Anti-IEBC Protests Rock Kenya as Lies Fly Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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