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Egyptian Minister Calls Sub-Saharan Africans Dogs and Slaves

That the Egyptian environment minister referred to Africans from sub-Sahara Africa as slaves and dogs during the just concluded UNEA conference in Nairobi does not mean any surprise to me. Long time ago I was taught and was able to understand that Egyptians really never consider themselves Africans for reasons that are better known to them, after all, they are inclined to the middle east more than they do Africa. It is often said that whenever you reach Egypt from this black part of the continent, locals often inquire on how Africa is doing. Sometimes during the so called age of Enlightenment a Germany philosopher by the name Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel segmented Africa into three: European Africa, Arabic Africa and Africa proper. For him, the Africa north of Sahara exhibits a certain level of "enlightenment" that is not found in sub-Sahara Africa. He said many other nasty things about this "dark" part of the world. After all, the center must be Europe and anything closer to Europe must be closer to "enlightenment" and being German he knew how to put this better. Whether Egyptians suffered from Hegelian infection or whether Hegel was a victim of Egypt and other north African states’ tilt towards the west and middle east respectively, I have no idea but the commonality in the Egyptian conception of Africa and Hegelian hypothesis of the same is striking. I listened with amazement how the man I respect a lot in the name of Prof. Nyasani defended the Hegelian hypothesis in 2008 at a conference in the Consolata Institute of Philosophy, Nairobi. Today this is happening again, it never surprises me, after all, there is a manner in which majority of the people from this part of the world tend towards Europeanisation. Many work so hard to twist their tongues and punish their tendons to speak foreign languages in foreign accents; and nowadays my friend has been saying that it is becoming more unlikely to match modern day people especially ladies in Africa's urban centers with their parents because suddenly their colors have changed reflecting a stark difference. Before we hurl abuses at the Egyptian minster for referring to "proper Africans" as dogs and slaves, let us go and think about the qualities of dogs and slaves. They are never known to be the best in reflecting a conscious of their own; they often follow instructions and they imitate. If by imitation you have bleached your skin color since "black is bad" and you are busy learning the Queen's accent since the African accent is really boring, I do not think the Egyptian minister is far away from the truth by referring to you as a slave and a dog.
Egyptian Minister Calls Sub-Saharan Africans Dogs and Slaves Egyptian Minister Calls Sub-Saharan Africans Dogs and Slaves Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 31, 2016 Rating: 5

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