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External Forged Peace Agreement for South Sudan

In mediation the role of the primary parties to conflict is critical. Mediation never works within specific timelines. Instead, parties to conflict should be allowed to robustly engage and give birth to an agreement based on compromise. I have always had issues with the mediation process for South Sudan. Almost in its entirety, the mediation process for the conflict in South Sudan has been externally forged. The sort of ‘agreement’ arrived at was largely based on strict timelines and external prescriptions. It is not bad to have the external actors as interested parties during mediation, but the role that such actors play matters a lot. What again was the role of external actors to the IGAD-led mediation for South Sudan? With time we saw those interested parties increase leading to the so called IGAD-Plus. Whether we call them friends of IGAD or of South Sudan, their role must remain extremely guarded. It was not.

Notwithstanding the fact that an outsider can never quite fully understand everything about the situation and issues, the actors who mediated the South Sudan conflict posed as though they knew it all. They ended up prescribing solutions to the problem. It is common knowledge that externally imposed solutions never work anywhere. But, today we have an agreement in South Sudan that both parties do not quite believe in. Sticks seem to have outweighed carrots in that process. We therefore have an agreement that neither Salva Kirr nor Riech Machar seem to believe in. Not long ago, we witnessed Kirr being coerced to sign the deal in Addis Ababa but also we recently saw how Riech Machar was almost literally forced to board a plane and return to Juba. The implication is simple. The South Sudan agreement is externally prescribed hence problematic and almost unimplimentable. We can almost commit the situation to prayer since as far as scientific theories and experience are concerned the flaws during the South Sudan mediation process were overwhelming.  
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