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From African Civilization to African Civilizations

I agree with Samuel Huntington up until the point he says that there is nothing like African civilization but I sharply disagree with him on the basis upon which he argues against existence of such a civilization. Here is my point of departure: Africa is not one story, it can never be said to be one civilization. Huntington failed to recognize that Africa has a number of civilizations, his failure to see the multiplicity; his obsession with unity that made him think that India has one civilization is his major undoing. I can freely read him about the third wave of democratization in Latin America at the end of the military juntas but I can correct him about Africa. The African story is a complex story; it cannot be unitary. One of the most important mistakes by colonialists is the boundaries that put together totally and completely unrelated Africans. This was a result of Unitarianism kind of thinking based on accidents such as color. It does not mean if they are black, they are the same; they can never be thought that since they are Africans, then they have a common civilization. However, it also does not mean that by having a multiplicity of civilizations, Africans cannot work together. But we must first dismantle the lies and the unworking projects that were created by Unitarianism.
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