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Is Tanzania Destabilizing Kenya?

I have always argued that Kenya will do well working with Tanzania than competing and fighting with it, after all, Tanzania is emerging as an alternative to Kenya. These recent claims that certain neighboring countries are funding certain individuals in Kenya to destabilize the country by the government spokesman and most recent revelation by Starehe Member of Parliament that the said countries are actually Tanzania and South Sudan and that the individual being funded is Raila Odinga may not be in the interest of Kenya after all. Leaving South Sudan aside, claiming that the Dar es Salaam administration is funding the opposition to destabilize the Nairobi administration can only widen the Dar/Nairobi rift that former President Jakaya Kikwete sought to mend before leaving power. Of what use is Kenya's interest to worsen the already shaky relations between East African Community member states? Who loses and who gains at the end of the day? Uganda is already looking down South and Rwanda is turning towards the same direction, Burundi is in the ambit of Tanzania and if South Sudan is being accused of working with Tanzania to destabilize Kenya, the fledgling Juba administration will have the justification to look down south through the Ugandan corridor. What will Kenya do with its multi-billion mega projects such as the standard gauge railway, crude oil pipeline, modernization of the port of Mombasa, new port in Lamu and LAPSET? Kenya has every reason to weigh how it wants to relate with its neighbors and one of the surest way is to tame reckless political utterances. If at all such a thing as destabilizing Kenya is ongoing, then it is a terrible tactic and the country should deploy diplomatic arsenals instead of allowing these very annoying unmeasured utterances from politicians. I guess Ambassador Amina Mohamed is better placed to handle this than Erick Kiraithe or/and Maina Kamanda. Is it about time that President Uhuru Kenyatta swallowed the pride of the big brother and made a state visit to Tanzania before it is too late?
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