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Kenya's Prospects for Development Lie in Land Reforms

Kenya might end up getting it very wrong. Recently Uganda pulled out of the Pipe line and Rwanda may soon pull out of the Standard Gauge Railway. This will diminish the development prospects, at least, within the northern corridor projects which have been the hype of this government. And what is killing Kenya? Cartels and corruption and government that is in bed with same cartels. Simple. They know where government is going to start a project, they go purchase land along the way and demand for unreasonable compensation. That is how the LAPSET has grounded to its halt and many other projects will surely do. Tanzania will do all these projects with less than half of Kenya's cost, and other countries like Rwanda will find it reasonable dealing with Tanzania than Kenya. Tanzania has managed land so well such that the state can have all the land it needs to develop at 0 cost. In Kenya land can take you to heaven and back. Why the heck should people purchase land at 400 million Kenya Shillings per acre in Nairobi? Until we have a serious conversation on land ownership, value and policies in this country and start regulating the now out of control real estate and property speculation which is skyrocketing land prices in Kenya, this country will only be competing with Burundi in East Africa in two decades' time
Kenya's Prospects for Development Lie in Land Reforms Kenya's Prospects for Development Lie in Land Reforms Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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