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Leave God Alone: He Does Not Choose Leaders

Unfortunately, not everyone was introduced to the Nicomachean ethics, if this were the case then all could appreciate that morals can actually kill, after all, Socrates should not have been fed hemlock to death at a time when the people of ancient Greece needed him to teach what is right. Religious fanaticism kills many a people than any combination of killer diseases and natural disasters. We pronounce faith and announce our beliefs but we rarely ever carefully and critically examine our faith and its skewedness. Recently a study conducted in Kenya targeting the youth found out that majority at over 80% hold that their faith is the most important things in their lives. But the same youth overwhelmingly argued that they would do anything including corrupt deals to get rich. Now that is when faith clashes with human realities. Unless religion has nothing to do with morality, then we have a crisis.

Methinks if Frederick Nietzsche was to live in our time he wouldn't only hold that the god/deity of religious people is dead but that the same deity is actually buried and forgotten already, for only if we care about deity and what he wants from humanity, then we can, at best, keep his memory as we do with the departed brethren then we could have some fear for him and, or at least, refrain from using his name in vain for thus says the commandment. After all, don’t we revere our dead? But political fanaticism kills even quicker than religion does and when you become a political sycophant, you degenerate and become worse than an imbecile for indeed idiots use their own volition but sycophants never operate a mind of their own.

There is to be found in political philosophy the concept of democratic secrecy, the tragedy is when propaganda becomes overarchingly non-sensical, then even imbeciles find cause to mock. Going back to Nietzsche's pronouncement of deity's death, what do we think, that is if we bother to, when someone says that it is actually God who decides who becomes a leader in our rotten societies? If you think straight, it doesn't make sense, at least, it is not cogent to hold such a view. For what then do we say if and when people steal and even kill to seize power illegally and illegitimately, or does the same God operate that way as well? It will be inconsistent with our first premise, at least logically, but worse still, it would be immoral on the part of God if he is turned into a bloody thirsty deity who permits stealing and killing in order to allow the ordained to rule over others. I have issues with people who tell me that these corrupt villains we call leaders are chosen by God. 
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