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Not Apologetic about my Support for Odingaism

And for clarity and the record, I do not support Jubilee totally and completely, I have never supported it but I may support it in future if and when it amends its ideology both in word and action and if such amendment is to the direction that can politically persuade me. I do not support CORD either but I have few things that I agree with what CORD stands for, probably because it is in the opposition but most importantly because it carries with it some tenets of Odingaism. I have since 2002 supported Odingaism as a political ideology in Kenya and I have no apology to make. It should be clear that Odingaism goes beyond Raila Odinga and/or any other political personality in Kenya, living or dead. Neither is it Luo. Indeed, there are numerous occasions when Raila Odinga has totally veered off Odingaism. 

It should be clear therefore, at least it is to me, that my support for this political ideology has nothing whatsoever to do with me being Kisii or its originator being Luo, on the contrary, it has everything to do with the political persuasion that comes closer to what I believe in. Anybody who bothers to read and understand Kenya's political history and state formation will agree with me that Odingaism has consistently and in a straight-line progression stood for social democracy that largely operates on the left wing-near center. This, in political philosophy, entails a struggle against social hierarchy and inequality. When it comes to political persuasion, only Odingaism comes closer to what I can support in Kenya. I wish we had a better version of it or any other rival to Odingaism that carried with it such strong political conviction towards dismantling structures of social inequality and political hierarchy of state control deployed to safeguard a few to the exclusion of many. After all, Kenya's political struggle is a struggle against social hierarchy and inequality. 

This kind of inequality stretches way beyond ethnicity. Thieves who steal public money and persons who have plundered Kenya are to be found across the political divide. Neither Jubilee nor CORD is sacred. We begin losing our minds and hearts when we start to fall into die-hard support for Jubilee or CORD; when we sanctify either of the two and demonize the other. I refuse to sink that low. We simply must overcome “the mwizi wetu” syndrome and build the Kenya we want through audiological competition. Political disagreement is the mother of democracy. How else can we build a nation based on fundamental democratic ideals if we cannot learn to politically disagree respectfully and without being confrontational? 
Not Apologetic about my Support for Odingaism Not Apologetic about my Support for Odingaism Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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