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Progressive Kikuyus Will Save Kenya

I have equally maintained an argument that Kenya must be liberated from the Kikuyu hegemony and I have in several occasions sought to demonstrate that an average Kikuyu is a victim of this Kenyanised Agikuyu nationalism. History has shown that whenever a Kikuyu questions this hegemony he/she is admonished, at worst killed, I don't think Charles Njonjo will die a happy man for wanting to see Raila become President of Kenya and for arguing that it is time the Kikuyu power brokers let it go. I think many of them see sense in what David Ndii talks about but they have no reason to accept that he is talking about truths of our time. And here has been my prescription. That our hope for liberating Kenya largely lies with young progressive Kikuyu men and women who will lead a series of rebellions and small revolutions that will culminate in the overthrow of the Kikuyu hegemony. History never lies; we are products of the same, we might be victims of the same if we amend not our ways. I do not know what happens to an average Luo if he/she realizes that actually no matter how many times they can vote, it is already ordained that one of their own cannot be president of Kenya and I don't know what happens when such a person reaches desperation. But I am sure I know what happens when each individual citizen's vote matters and that no matter where you come from, you can actually be president of Kenya if citizens of Kenya voted for you. When Mutahi Ngunyi insists on this dangerous argument I wonder whether he bothers to stretch the so called tyranny of the numbers beyond what he has meant some Kenyans to believe in. For instance does he think that Raila Odinga went to the polling station and voted 5 million times for himself?
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