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Some Deaths are too Expensive to Contemplate

Just how do some Kenyans hate truths or how do they pretend to shy away from realities of our time? Or are they genuinely naive? Or maybe, they are so drunk with and lost in their political fanaticism? I happened to have a slight conversation with my friend last evening and as usual an average Kenyan talks about politics. So we talked about few unrelated things. But we couldn't end our conversation without the IEBC and the so called "peaceful demonstrations" led by the opposition. I said I have nothing against the demonstrations if they be peaceful but also I categorically said that I genuinely think they are unnecessary and misplaced. My friend was happy; I could see the excitement written all over his face. Not until we spoke about a rumor that was doing rounds last evening, that a live bullet was fired at CORD Leader, Raila Odinga's car. I just said that if indeed such a thing happened then it is simply that bad. Then my friend's facial representation changed, he suddenly became uncomfortable and he then yelled at me saying "you love Raila so much." Well I am not even sure what love means in this case but I got lost in thoughts. Just would someone wish to see Raila Odinga dead? Of what use is Raila Odinga's death to anyone? What is the implication of such a death now and especially if it turns out to be unnatural? Do you have to "love" or "hate" Raila Odinga for you to know that it is extremely dangerous to even contemplate anything happening to him at this point in time? Are we too blind to even see that the unnatural death of Raila Odinga at this point in time can be catastrophic for the nation? And these were some of the questions that were running through my mind. I did not even think about the so called love. That was too fluffy a statement to make. It does not make any sense known to me. I do not seem to have any reason to "love" and/or "hate" Raila Odinga or any other political actor in Kenya and beyond for that matter. I think I have many things and people that I should reserve my energy to love for. And so, I gathered the energy and asked my friend one question: "If it so happened that Raila Odinga is shot dead today, never mind by who and for what motive, will Kenya still be governable? He was already staring at me with an open mouth but as you can see I was already ready to go my way. I will be seeing him later for an answer. 
Some Deaths are too Expensive to Contemplate Some Deaths are too Expensive to Contemplate Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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