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Struggle Against State Capture in Africa

I am a strong believer in revolutions. Power has never been freely surrendered. Real power belongs to the people but bandits who hijack it from the people are better known for deploying state resources to jealousy guard power and keep it. To get the mace from in between the legs of a fierce dog entails struggle. People struggle and sacrifice to get power back. Any illegitimate human system from slave trade to colonialism survive because there are beneficiaries. Current state capture in Africa is surviving because our fellow Africans in the name of leaders are blood suckers who have turned against their own people. The people must ready themselves to wrestle power from these bandits. This is where revolutions come in; from defiance to noncompliance with illegitimacy to outright dismantling of infrastructure of state banditry is our lot.
Struggle Against State Capture in Africa Struggle Against State Capture in Africa Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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