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What is Mutahi Ngunyi Preaching?

Well this guy called Mutahi Ngunyi has consistently maintained an argument that Raila Odinga never became President because he did not stick with Mwai Kibaki and that William Ruto will become President if he sticks with Uhuru Kenyatta. He, in fact, argues that if Raila stuck with Kibaki, then Kibaki could have made him president and that if Ruto sticks with Uhuru then Uhuru will make him president. Well I do not intend to question his credentials, I know some competent people are questioning them already. But then Mutahi Ngunyi's hypothesis is one of the most dangerous I have ever heard in this country. What, in fact, Ngunyi keeps repeating to Kenyans and the world is that the presidency in Kenya is at the discretion of the Kikuyu nation and that when it comes to the presidency my vote, as a Kenyan citizen doesn't really matter; what actually matters is what one nation decides! And then I wonder why he gets all the airtime. We shall start to begin to be safe when we begin to conceive of hate speech and political incitement as not only going to a political rally and telling your followers to attack another group or community.
What is Mutahi Ngunyi Preaching? What is Mutahi Ngunyi Preaching? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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