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What Was the Syrian Crisis About?

Beneath all the allegations and counter allegations and accusations underlie intentions and beneath intentions underlie motives and beneath motives underlie interests which actors rarely make known. It is all for a good long ride, if you think world powers have the humanitarian interest at heart you might be disappointed at the final analysis which only a complex eye can perceive. After all, most if not all these humanitarian crises are constructs of man. By the way what was the Syria crisis all about? Lest we forget, let’s make a journey back to the original issues in Syria which have been now colored, blurred and lost with the ongoing madness. Maybe a neo-cold war between world powers has found a battlefield in Syria. But then the same powers are and can and will continue pretending to be talking and so concerned about a humanitarian crisis in Syria. A crisis that they created and one that they can and will end when they so wish.  
What Was the Syrian Crisis About? What Was the Syrian Crisis About? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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