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Why Kofi Annan is a Persona non-Grata in Kenya

One Mutahi Ngunyi might have contributed to the choreography that saw the Jubilee’s illegitimate ascendancy to power by posing as an originator of the ‘tyranny of numbers’ aphorism and hence trumpeting it to make the poor Kenyan masses believe that it was almost inevitable that Jubilee was to win an election. It was meant to work towards avoiding a run off. Jubilee simply had to ‘win’ in the first round. An election was to be skewed in fervour of the current regime. Notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Supreme Court upheld Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as credible. This gave Uhuru’s presidency its legality although its legitimacy continues to remain questionable. Mutahi Ngunyi has since maintained his silence, quietly working with the regime, apparently benefiting from processes such as the corruption laden NYS programme. Josephine Kabura’s affidavit was to mention the name of the “political scientist” but he appeared on TV recently and argued he was only consulting for the ministry of devolution and the NYS programme in particular. Well, there is no harm rendering expert support for a pay but what kind of support did Ngunyi give the NYS programme, now that, almost all, we hear is about millions of ‘disappeared money?’ But of interest to me is the argument by Mutahi Ngunyi that he cannot criticize Uhuru Kenyatta because he is his age mate and that his father told him never to oppose or criticize or abuse an age mate. Didn't I find that interesting but do I say?

I recall sometimes in early 2013 just as the country readied itself for the general election a group of some civil society actors in Kenya organized an initiative through which they sought to quietly engage the political actors, specifically presidential candidates on how to handle the post-election violence just in case it happened. We thank God the post-election violence never happened. However, given the history of electoral related violence in Kenya, this venture was worthy it. But of interest to me is that the said group thought that since the Panel of Eminent African Personalities was well informed about the Kenyan dynamics, they could be contacted to work closely with the presidential candidates to enable avert any possible violence. This was to be done through quiet diplomacy and within a framework of early warning and response that had been established. The civil society group was to approach the presidential candidates over this matter. All of them but the Jubilee leadership agreed with the idea of bringing in the Panel of Eminent Personalities, led by Kofi Annan. In their opposition, the Jubilee leadership said that the initiative was good but the choice of persons was wrong. They accused Kofi Annan of having betrayed them hence un-trusted. Well the group was to work with a different group of people. Again we thank God no violence came to pass. I recently told this to a friend and he said he can now understand why Kofi Annan has never visited Kenya since the Jubilee administration came to power. Well Annan could be silently a persona non grata in Kenya under Jubilee. But I noticed that in the same interview where Mutahi Ngunyi argued that he cannot criticize Uhuru Kenyatta because he is his age mate, he also said that Kofi Annan caused Kenya so many problems. I guess the difference between political activists and political scientists is out there.  I leave it at that and wish them well who believe in the ‘political science’ of Mutahi Ngunyi.
Why Kofi Annan is a Persona non-Grata in Kenya  Why Kofi Annan is a Persona non-Grata in Kenya Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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