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Is Raila Odinga Kenya's Biggest Problem?

Honestly, I have no business wondering about Mr. Moses Kuria's latest assertion on the killing of Raila Odinga. Whether he meant it or his remarks were taken out of context, as it often happens, it should not shock at all. Again I do not think Moses Kuria said something very different from what a section of Kenyans believe. There could be millions of people out there who share similar sentiments. We have often heard people talk about Raila Odinga being the only problem in this country, indeed the president of Kenya recently said that there is one man who is a problem in this country and he mentioned Raila Odinga and people cheered. Is Raila Odinga a problem? I do not know. But granted he is, is he the only problem for Kenya? I do not think so. We have much better problems in Kenya than Raila Odinga. Eliminating him may not be the golden bullet for Kenya. On the contrary, it may be the start of the end of Kenya as we know it. But getting back to Moses Kuria, we shall do well to appreciate that he represents a constituency much bigger than Gatundu South, after all, when he was speaking, there were people cheering him and they did not all come from his constituency. Pursuing him as a person and individually, in my view, would be wearing too narrow specs. We have a much bigger problem in this country, one that we must be bold enough to address or one that if not addressed will take us the route that will shock our conscious. We clearly do not appear to have never learned anything from our past. How I wish we can take a step back as a country, reflect deeply about what we think we want to become and pick few lessons before we proceed at the speed with which we are racing down that very slippery road.
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