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It is Easier to Prevent Violent Conflict than Recover from One

I did not dispute it when a friend said to me that it is hard to recover from violent conflict than preventing one. She is South Sudanese and she is fully aware of the recovery challenges that her country is going through. She was talking this in reference to Kenya where it appears there is not commitment to avert a tragedy. Kenya's leadership both ruling and in the opposition appear to be toying with possibilities, among them tossing a country into a political crisis. Probably just for fun. The country is fast approaching an election, which analysists seem to agree could be one of the most divisive elections that the country has had. It should not be forgotten that Kenya's major political challenges revolve around elections. This is the time that politicians play around with the "tribe" and ignite hatred among various "tribes", divide others and cause violence to achieve certain ends. Most importantly seizure or retention of power. So the politicians have already started spewing hate. It appears like perfect venom but the regime is reluctant to draw a thick line. So the country counties to toy with possibilities. And my friend thought that well the Kenyan leadership should do more. I did not have reason to refute that too. I think the leadership in Kenya can do more. They can do more in taming rogue politicians; they can do more in resolving the crisis both in the electoral and judicial systems; they can do more to create an environment that can breed cohesion; they can do more in ensuring that justice prevails; they can do more to ensure that the rule of law is upheld; they can do more to ensure security of Kenyans and their property; they can do more to avert a crisis in the country. But they can only do more if and when they realize, as my friend says, that it is actually easier preventing violent conflict than recovering from one. Kenya has to choose either of the two. Do more and avert violent conflict or wait for the conflict to happen then struggle with recovery. 
It is Easier to Prevent Violent Conflict than Recover from One It is Easier to Prevent Violent Conflict than Recover from One Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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