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It is Time for Research Infected Policy

Development is effected through good policies. Good policies, in my view, should be evidence-based and all inclusive. This calls for continuous research that is very much lacking in Africa. For example, in Kenya we talk about Nyumba Kumi Initiative as one of the strategies to arrest the runway security but I am to see serious research into the feasibility and applicability of this concept. Furthermore, while it could be a good idea, there is lack of empirical information on the operationalization of the initiative. Kenya is a multicultural society - not homogeneous but extremely diverse- how sure can government be that the initiative can be uniformly implemented across the country? Most of the time government means well but lacks the correct information, the solution to this dearth of right information is research. Also we have to cultivate the culture of consuming research findings, our governments and surprisingly most organizations rarely or never utilize even the meager research findings available. Reports are gathering dust in various government and organization offices, we just use them when we want to footnote and cite them but we rarely or never act on recommendations. 
It is Time for Research Infected Policy It is Time for Research Infected Policy Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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