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Kenya's Politics of Painful Deceptions

Lies have the power to change. We have heard so much of these lies that the truth is long lost. Either we start searching for the truth or we get lost in this swam of lies. Both Jubilee and CORD are playing political tactics. Kenya is a good example of politics of dirty tricks. Unfortunately, the masses cheer on. The president is headed to Ukambani and I won't be surprised at all if I happen to spot Mr. Kalonzo with him over there. As Raila moves closer to Moi, Uhuru moves closer to Kalonzo and the so called dialogue may not be about the IEBC; or at least, not only about the IEBC and elections, but about political calculations towards the general election. This issues of oh follow the constitution, oh we cannot have unconstitutional means to resolve matters, oh we need dialogue, oh IEBC must go are all organised noises wrapped in those deceptions that upon discovery are painful, as those we see in the US and any other, so called world leaders in democracy. And by the way what become of the Nkaisery and Boinet ban on demonstrations? But I thought I saw a jubilee counter demo the following day disguised as a matatu owners' demo! Well my eyes can deceive too, I have learned not to trust them too much, sometimes they pretend to see too much. But this noise is very good for them since it diverts public attention from a looting spree that is underway to fund the next campaigns after all, Kenya has one of the most expensive elections over here. By the way, just as many Kenyans, I did not seem to notice that budget reading came and went. Not a big deal. I hear that the IEBC got almost half of its mega 40 billion budgetary allocation catered for in this financial year. I was tempted to suggest that we forego the elections; Uhuru and his men and women and Raila with his men and women can meet somewhere over tea and distribute political positions, we can save the country the billions, maybe we can do another road in the city but most importantly we will have peace in the manner of calmness. But then my friend reminded me that democracy has a cost. We need democracy, let us foot the cost, but then again what kind of democracy is this?
Kenya's Politics of Painful Deceptions Kenya's Politics of Painful Deceptions Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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