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Ruto May not be Interested in the Presidency After all

Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi is the author of the script that if Mr. William Ruto sticks with President Uhuru Kenyatta then Kenyatta will make him president. I too believe that presidents are largely made than they are chosen. But I do not seem to understand any political calculation that can deliver a Ruto presidency; at least not in the foreseeable future. I recall a time when my friend told me that Ruto may not actually be interested in the presidency, after all. I did not quite understand her but as time passes I keep finding reasons to believe that part of her reasoning could be true. After all, initially Ruto was never ever interested in the presidency, at least, not around this time. I know majority of the people have forgotten the Ruto public cries, I guess he cried much more in private. He truly couldn't believe he was deputy president; it was an overwhelming reality. Methinks he is still pretty much satisfied with the fact that Uhuru helped him become deputy president but most importantly in tackling that so called personal challenge. It could have been very difficult for Ruto to survive that challenge if he did not get support from Kenyatta, in fact, in his words he says he is a hustler. Hustlers are never known to be very good in accessing and procuring best legal services minds. Above all as president, Uhuru was so gracious to deploy state machinery in tackling those personal challenges, both his and Ruto's. It is understandable to see him cry and it is understandable that he has reason to stick with Uruhu; not necessarily because he wants to succeed him but for the fact that Uhuru amemtoa mbali. When he rembers, Ruto cannot but cry. I also saw Ruto campaigning for Museveni in Kapchorwa few months ago, I doubt it is because he really likes or believes in Museveni but because he is forever thankful to Museveni's role in brokering his deal with Uhuru around that time of mashetani. If you cannot entartain the view that Ruto may not be interested in the presidency, after all, how then can you explain Ruto's apparent strong belief that he will get blanket support from the Agikuyu nation in return for his gesture of delivering the Kalenjin nation's vote for Kenyatta? I believe he is too smart a politician to believe that and to sink into such cheap politics. 
Ruto May not be Interested in the Presidency After all Ruto May not be Interested in the Presidency After all Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 29, 2016 Rating: 5

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