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The Call for Dialogue in not Unconstitutional

I tend to think that there could be something deeper than just removal of the IEBC Commissioners in CORD's persistent, and rather annoying, call for dialogue. My suspicion may not be far-fetched especially with the recent inclusion of KANU in the protests aimed at mounting pressure on government to yield to the calls of the opposition to dialogue. I do not think the demos are meant to eject the IEBC Commissioners from office or lynch them out of office in the words of Prof. PLO Lumumba. It might not even be the reason or, at least, if that is the reason, then it is not the only one. The purpose of the demos is becoming very clearer by the day; to size down government and fit it into the talk room. But on the dialogue table, I do not think CORD will have only the IEBC issue; trust me they will unleash a list of a number of issues that they want reviewed, most of them touching on the constitution review/amendment. It could be another card to the infamous Okoa Kenya. If and when they reach there, it is clear they shall have crossed the line and the people will for sure speak out. I do not think the said dialogue is to be held in camera, after all, that is not constitutional; The public must be let to follow every aspect of the dialogue, in fact, should participate. It is a good thing. We shall be able to see and hear what CORD and its allies present on the table. If they come up with things that we do not agree with, we shall say no to them.  That is the right time for patriots to stand with their president and his government in defending the constitution. We shall not allow backdoor amendments of the constitution. As the deputy president recently said, matters that affect modern day Kenya cannot be decided by few people over tea. We are smarter than that, we deserve better than that and we shall demand no less. 

It is possible that CORD and its allies could be having some ulterior motives. Government of Kenya seems to hold similar view but why not go to the table and discover those nuances? I heard Kamotho Waiganjo say categorically that there is nothing in the Constitution of Kenya that prohibits the president from holding dialogue with the opposition. Mr. Waiganjo is among the minds behind the constitution that president Kenya keeps saying he is not ready to violate. And who has sent the president to violate the constitution? After all, he has done it before and we have not been happy about it. But he violates it when it suits him to do so, it seems. We have not forgotten things like the security amendments laws, his attempt to have powers to appoint the CJ among others. We also have not forgotten his disobedience to a number of court orders. We have not forgotten can't pay won't pay to the teachers of Kenya even with a very clear court order to pay. So what is this thing that is so unconstitutional about dialogue that the president and his lieutenants keeps sings about? 

The Call for Dialogue in not Unconstitutional The Call for Dialogue in not Unconstitutional Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 08, 2016 Rating: 5

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