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To Move Forward, Kenya Must Revisit the Covenant

Now that the author of the presidential speech seems not to be aware of what became of the national covenant; it is proper for those who went to good schools to remind the president that actually the national covenant he keeps talking about either does not exist at all, or it is too mutilated to mean anything to a section, if not all Kenyans. Then we can do better to remind our government that covenants are pacts based on mutual arrangements and agreements. In most cases covenants are never absolute; they can be reviewed, renegotiated, reactivated or even trashed altogether. It appears that some Kenyans have forgotten that Kenya has always had a constitution; that in 2007-8 the country had a constitution as well. However bad it was, it was there. It ever stopped bloodbath. A constitution in and by itself (however angelic it may be) cannot resolve all the issues. That is why in the wisdom of the drafters of the constitution; there was left room for dialogue, for reviews and amendments; for improvement. The mood in the country is sickening. At some point you get tempted to go the God of Israel way. He told His people through the Prophet Isaiah some 800 years before Christ: come let us discuss. The sons of Yahweh (since He had no daughters it appears) or the children of Israel apostatized many times but Yahweh; their God, for instance, as demonstrated by the Prophet Hosea kept coming for them. At some point, God the creator of heaven and earth had to abandon the whole covenant with His people and re-enter into a new covenant. This entailed the descending of the God-Son from heaven - leaving the dominion and principalities - to come down and be born as man so as to effect a new covenant with humanity. At least, I was taught how to read the Bible and read it well. 

But then now, just who told our Deputy President, HE. William Ruto that covenants are non-negotiable? Last time, I checked Hon. Ruto was a stern opposer of this constitution. This is recent history. Since when and how did Mr. Ruto undergo the metanoia as to become the epitome of constitutionalism in Kenya? Kenya is at the cross-roads; the country needs real hard conversation on how best to move forward. Even marketplace lunatics may be of the view that dialogue is important, almost inevitable, if a better way forward is to be found. This might never happen is our government thinks statehouse is way too high to listen to a section of society that is crying to be heard. What is wrong with people talking about issues of national concern? And how else can the people revisit the so called covenant? If God came down from the heavens to renegotiate and, in fact, persuade humanity (His creatures) to accept to enter into yet another covenant, what makes it so difficult for the President of the Republic of Kenya and his government (which are creatures of the people of Kenya) to bend and listen to the cries of a section of the same people?
To Move Forward, Kenya Must Revisit the Covenant To Move Forward, Kenya Must Revisit the Covenant Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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