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Africa's Quest for Peace a Scream for Change of Politics

Conflict is one such realities that require a nip in the bud. In addressing conflict, it is always important to aim at cutting it when it and where it germinates. If it is left to germinate and grow, it normally becomes quite nightmarish to handle. Building peace, on the other hand, requires justice. Peace will always be a product of justice. It is therefore, said that in order to attain peace, work for justice. This is the single most important reason why politics is important to any conflict or peace expert, and by extension to every member of society.

Conflicts in Africa has its explanation on the kind of politics that the continent has witnessed over time. It is now clear that the politics of the early 21st century Africa have been characterized by nothing but rule by specialists in violence and militarization. Politicians have largely mastered the art and use of violence to capture and retain power. For some reason it has paid off since the society has been militarized to know no other way to search for power other than violence. Militarization has been left to permeate every sphere of social, economic, political, religious lives of the people with plausible normalization. The result is a very violent society and a bloody continent. Even those who work for peace, for instance, the civil society have done so through violence since violence is the only language better understood by all it seems.

But this must not be left to go on because it is self-destructive. This is the single most important reason Africa is lagging behind. We must change the historical tide if the situation has to change and improve. The second half of the century must be different if Africa is to witness its visualized progress. We must start to work for peace and if we wish to, we can. And this is what we should do. Let us address specialization in violence and militarism and delink them with politics. We must individually and collectively work towards making violence and militarism ugly and unrewarding. That way, we shall usher in a different type of politics and Africa will see the change it yearns for.  
Africa's Quest for Peace a Scream for Change of Politics Africa's Quest for Peace a Scream for Change of Politics Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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