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Black People are not Monopolistically Stupid: They are not Inferior to Other Races

It is not surprising that even at this age in time there are some people who actually seem to think, or at least agree, with the claim that white people are superior to black people. Black Africans are stupid. Simple and straight. That seems to be the claim. I did come across this many years ago. After all, the Germany Philosopher, Hegel thought so and recently Dr. Watson claimed he had scientific evidence to proof that black people are generally inferior to the white when it comes to the level of intelligence.

This is the claim upon which colonialism was build, one upon which racial discrimination has been perpetuated across generations. One that has lingered for centuries and refused to go away. It is the claim upon which all manner of imbalances, from trade to employment, is anchored. Unfortunately, a section of the black people has since believed this fallacy. They have been told for way too long, over and over again that left to themselves they cannot do or achieve anything. They have been told that development must be measured in the categories determined by the white. They have been told that anything white is good and anything black is evil.

It is therefore no surprise at all to me seeing black people working so hard to be like the white; speak like the white, walk like the white, eat like the white, and more recently alter their bodily complexion to, at least, resemble the white. They simply must run away from black because it is evil and stupid. How do you be a black person? Blacks are never known to have the ability to govern themselves; neither can they develop their territories. All they need to survive is aid. So the ‘superior race’ has trained some quasi-literate blacks and recruited them to work in this aid industry with the guise of advancing the livelihood standards of the black people, especially in Africa. Dambisa Moyo once proclaimed it dead; aid dies in in its home country before it is transported to Africa. It has been designed not to work and they so shall never work; whether humanitarian or development; it all is never designed to work. It has never worked, it does not work, it shall never work. Aid is simply another form of slavery, one, like colonialism, black Africans must fight to overcome.

I know for sure that millions of Africans are involved in this aid industry and some are actually benefiting from it. But I have not forgotten that colonialists had black collaborators, otherwise it would have been nightmarish for the white to succeed in their evil ways. Just as few black collaborators benefited from an evil system that was colonialism so shall few black collaborators benefit from aid. It does not mean aid is not evil just because few blacks make a living about it, neither does it mean, it is meat to transform lives in the black territories. It is only designed to advance the causes of giving countries. They also know that for them to continue with their most wicked aid policies in black territories; they need to hook up some collaborators from the blacks to work with in perpetuating this modern day slavery.

But we cannot then conclude that since some blacks are collaborating with the white to perpetuate this slavery, therefore, black Africans are averagely stupid in comparison to their white counterparts. The Africans who have been hooked up cannot be said to be – per-se, stupid for indeed there could be other reasons as selfishness and greed which are to be found in any race.  Even if those collaborators were indeed stupid, they still cannot represent the whole black race. Traitors are to be found in all known human races. I again disagree that because there are some traitors among blacks who collaborate with the white in exacerbating the plight of their fellow black, then the black are intellectually inferior. Blacks do not have the monopoly of stupidity. I think anybody regardless of their race can be stupid. White supremacy in all its manifestations and tendencies, both visible and invisible has stood out as the world’s biggest injustice and its defeat will change the face of the world forever. The world will overcome racial supremacy and discrimination in all its forms and peoples of the world regardless of their race will be indeed free.  It may not happen during this generation but it will for sure happen. 
Black People are not Monopolistically Stupid: They are not Inferior to Other Races Black People are not Monopolistically Stupid: They are not Inferior to Other Races Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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