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Dr. Speciosa Kazibwe's Thoughts

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is on her way out of the AU Commission. We shall definitely remember her for the mandate poorly executed. Either she never lived to appreciate how significantly important and strategic her office was or she simply did not care about Africa and Africans. But hey here is one of the top contenders. Dr. Speciosa Kazibwe from Uganda (I have not forgotten she went to Harvard, but thanks to her for reminding us). I really do not mind that in one of the interviews she is quoted to have said "I am a Pan-African." Whatever that means, it does not really matter. But let us go this way. On the role of the AU chairperson, Dr. Kazibwe argues: “my calling is within the ideology of Pan-Africanism to situate Africans and Africa in their right place globally. That means you have to believe you are African and whatever you do must be in Africa’s interest. Other people’s interests are secondary. I represent the dignity of Africa and other people should know Africans are capable, they have the brain, capacity and can move their continent without any interference from anyone else.” I thought when you have a chance for an interview, it only serves good purpose if you talk about more useful things to support your cause. I have been struggling to spot the use of this statement; the value it adds to her quest. But maybe it is meant to capture the attention of Baba Bob Mugabe. But hey, go madam go.
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