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Is the God of Creation so Weak to Rely on Human Defense?

It was 2010 and I was studying theology at Jordan University College, Morogoro, Tanzania. The man who taught us Scriptural theology was an intelligent Franciscan Capuchin priest, educated as a Biblical scientist from a University in Israel. He was a well accomplished professor and a good man with a very good command of whatever he talked about. He knew many other things apart from scriptures. Over and above his plausible extensive intelligence, and knowledge of scriptures, histories of antiquity and religiosity he could fluently speak very many languages and could comment about many things that were enticing to the mind just as philosophical romanticism. One day he taught us about the perpetuation of injustices across generations of the Bible and how such injustices have been carried on until today. It was clear to me that such injustices were so cleverly conceived, structured and perpetuated over time under the cover and justification of God. Man's inclination to destroy fellow man gets justification if and when it is thought to be an act of God, or at least, an act under the order of God. The God of the Old Testament is largely depicted as a blood thirsty deity who finds pleasure in the death of his own creatures in their numbers. He does not appear to change even in the New Testament. There are many who killed in the name of God then and many are doing it today. God has always been portrayed as a lover of war who always recruits warriors to champion his cause and life is communicated as a constant struggle and battle which God and his chosen ones must win. But humans who have been recruited to the army of God must spend the whole of their lives in the fight; their lives are a lifelong battle; they must fight in the name of God and should kill if need be. That this war can be said to be spiritual is correct but philosophical anthropology teaches that there is not to be found in a man a clear line between what is spiritual and what is corporeal. So the war is as physical as it is spiritual. Sons and daughters of God must always fight in defense of God's cause; fight for him and defend God. My mind then started becoming so weak as to understand how a God who is so powerful and who is the creator of the universe including humans, suddenly became so vulnerable as to require defense from creatures; humans; mere mortals. Then we had a lively debate in the class. At least, we agreed on many things and we thoroughly questioned religion and the Bible itself, after all, we were doing science not celebrating sacraments; it was a class not the chapel. But I had asked this question. "how shall we ever end these deeply embedded injustices in the world?" Our teacher said: "Maybe we kill one generation." We laughed.
Is the God of Creation so Weak to Rely on Human Defense? Is the God of Creation so Weak to Rely on Human Defense? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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