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The Post-Conflict Reconstruction Imperative

Economy is one such sector that suffers greatly when it comes to armed conflict and war. Post-conflict reconstruction is a question that had been left unaddressed for many years. Clearly, experience has demonstrated that there is a lot of effort that is put into resolving conflicts - at least attempting to resolve them - and with the emergence of ideologies such as conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy, with it has come a shift to prevention of conflict due to challenges of resolving them. Most theorists and practitioners in the field of conflict and peace have come to the realization that it is quite an enormous task to resolve conflict. Some of them arguing that conflict cannot be resolved are now inclined towards conflict transformation. But post-conflict reconstruction has been side-lined over time. But the post-conflict set ups, present some of the worst conflict situations with structural violence and hopelessness within the need for peace and demand for justice, as well as economic recovery. Post-conflict societies often face two distinctive challenges; economic recovery and reduction of the risk of recurrence of conflict.

With literally all countries in Africa, emerging from one form of conflict or the other and with more than ten countries currently trapped in active armed conflict, the post-conflict recovery, reconstruction and peace consolidation has never been a theme so urgent. After all, many are the countries that have relapsed into conflict after “resolution” of conflict or at least, agreements. Methinks how post-conflict peacebuilding is handled to include a strong component of economic recovery, to a large extent, goes to determine if conflict is to be transformed into a constructive function or it will recur, hence speaking to other conflict functions such as prevention and resolution and/or transformation. 
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