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America ina Wenyewe!

After Obama 1&2 I have picked few lessons. In 2008 I was sucked into American politics just as many blacks did across the globe. There was a sense in which the impulse of connection compelled us to want to like Obama and what he said he represented. 8 years on, we can put it out there and assess. Above all, I like many who were naive then, had to learn that America was America, in Kiswahili we say "America ina wenyewe." I guess Obama has learned few more lessons as well. He has tried his best, he has achieved what he has achieved and no doubt he has made history. I did not stay awake to watch the recent presidential debate; I did not have any reason to. I haven't had time to watch the whole repeat of the debate either but I have seen few clips here and there. So I told a friend, who sought my opinion that, my opinion about the American presidential campaign does not really count but I often have a feeling that America lost in the nominations; both Democrats and Republicans seemed to have better candidates to front as flag bearers than the ones they did; but they did not front them. I believe they have their reasons why they did so. The elections are coming and let them elect their president. Whichever way it goes; I am happy to remember that "AMERICA INA WENYEWE!
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