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Can't we Prevent Another War in DRC?

It is easier to start wars but often very difficult to end one. The best we can do is to prevent wars. The cost of war is often too high to contemplate for peace lovers but for lovers of war it remains an enterprise, after all, they thrive in creating, fighting and sustaining wars. The world isn’t short of wars; you would imagine we need none. But no, some people still crave wars; they cannot get enough of them; they just have to create yet another. The most prevalent of wars these days, it appears is war of the powerful “leaders” against their own powerless people. They commit genocides. They kill part of the very people they pretentiously swear to protect and defend. This is prevalent in Africa today.

Now here we are and President Joseph Kabila is clearly busy preparing for war against his own people. He is hell bent to kill part of the people of Congo. Kabila’s government is certainly working towards delaying electoral preparations as part of an evolving ploy to remain in power. But judging by the government’s own actions, which have grown increasingly paranoid and heavy-handed in recent months, the motto hasn’t resonated much with the Congolese people. The people of Congo seem to want to have elections; or at least, to have Kabila leave power. But Kabila does not seem to have any intention of leaving power any time soon. This is an act that places him directly against his people. It is therefore Kabila against the people.

But remember the people are not as powerful as he is in terms of access to and control of state and even extra-state hard power. He commands the armed forces and he has access to resources that the ordinary people both individually and collectively do not have. This is why it cannot be war of equals. It is war between the advantaged, powerful “leader” on the one hand and poor vulnerable peasants on the other. For sure the people stand to lose in terms of human cost of war. 

So he is strategically planning to kill his own people to retain power. But, can’t the humans of the world stop Kabila from planning war against his own people? Haven’t we picked any lessons from neighboring Burundi? Are we too blind to see the human cost of war? Don’t we care for the people of Congo? Can’t the world speak out and stand to be counted in calling on Kabila to stop right here right now? Can’t we be courageous enough to say no to yet another way? CAN’T WE PREVENT WAR? 

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