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What is Wrong with Africa?

I met some white man in one of the airports, he offered to buy me beer which I accepted. He told me he has always wanted to meet and talk to a black African from Africa. I assured him that he had gotten the right person for indeed I am black and truly African. One of the questions he asked me was "what is wrong with Africa?" I said "nothing", I listened to myself and said no, there are many wrong things with Africa just as there are anywhere", I listened to myself again and said no ... why do you ask about what is wrong with Africa?" He said. "I often hear of many negative stories from and about Africa and I have always wanted to know where the problem is." By this time, I had gotten over the natural impulse of being defensive, which I, like many other black Africans are victims. We have been put on our defense, we almost always feel we must defend ourselves; we end up being apologetic. It is doing the very thing you hate but doing it almost unknowingly., You must be alert enough to catch yourself in the act. So my head was cool, perhaps because I had done my beer half way by this time. I looked straight to his eyes and told him, the right question is not what is wrong with Africa, it is what is wrong with the sources of your information. We heard a final call for flight EK... to... and we hurriedly parted ways.
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