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Stop Crying for Cheap Praise; End Corruption Now!

I saw one Dennis Itumbi both on PressPass and on JKL with lists of things that GoK has, in his view "done so well" since Jubilee took power. On the same PressPass I saw Njoki Thorne insist that GoK is doing a lot of good things and that media is only highlighting negatives. Dr. Muraguri is reading from the same gospel that GoK is doing a lot of positive things but media is only highlighting the negatives. Well, all these individuals should be reminded that people and systems are never rewarded for doing what they are supposed to do but they are admonished for not doing what they are supposed to do and rewarded for pointing out of their way to do more than what they are expected to do. This cheap search for praise by the GoK is totally misplaced. The media has no business reporting how many vehicles reached their destinations well: it should report on that one vehicle that never reached well. If GoK has built 1,000 KM of tarmac for 3 years should we parade it and clap for it? No thanks. Why? Because it has only done what it is meant to be doing. If 20% of total budget of the ministry of health is stolen why should you tell the media to go report on the number of women giving birth freely? The question is: how much more could have been done with the stolen money to better the lives of poor Kenyans? We cannot be measuring progress in terms of where we have come from but in terms of where we should be. The major issue in Kenya is not that some good things are happening but that if there were no such high levels of public theft, very many good things could be happening. That is the debate. The single most important thing that is threatening Kenya and Kenyans is corruption and the media MUST keep on highlighting this corruption when and where it happens especially now that the President has already openly told the nation that he is unable or unwilling to tackle rampant public theft. Someone tell these guys to stop lecturing us on so called positive reporting!
Stop Crying for Cheap Praise; End Corruption Now! Stop Crying for Cheap Praise; End Corruption Now! Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on October 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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