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The Kenyan Media’s Debate on CORD’s Presidential Candidate is Misplaced

I go to the slopes of Mount Kenya, in central Kenya, and I dare look down and I do not seem to see anything significantly different from what I see when in the slopes of Mount Elgon in western Kenya. Beautiful landscape, a quiet land with great optimism. The same appears when far north in the desert and when in the lakeside and indeed many parts of this great nation. I seek indulgence in using nation as an attribute of Kenya. But when I go down the slopes I begin seeing different scenes and have different experiences from the serenity and breathtaking beauty that it is when up in the hills. I meet people, I interact with them, I realize that their hopes are engulfed in uncertainty. People of Kenya, from the lake to the desert, the ocean to the mountains are suffering from similar predicaments. Their future is not assured. Majority are poor; they are not sure if their children will eat the following day or their children will attend school the following year; they are not sure of getting good medical care, quality water and many other things that concern a common mwananchi whether in Othaya or in Isebania.

So what is this nonsense? Yes, what does the narrative about the possible CORD presidential candidate has to do with these people’s most immediate needs? With the people who struggle every single day barely to survive, is it not fair that we have national conversation that speaks to their here and now needs? Elections have been effectively turned into bitter ethnic contestations; the media is not helping anything, instead of altering the narrative our media has become cheer-leaders, cheering both the elite and the populace to death. But people of the tribe of the President suffer the same fete with people of the other tribes. But this meat again; this “kula nyama.” Yes, trust me Mr. Kenyatta isn’t eating the so called ‘meat’ with all the Gatunduans, leave alone the larger Mount Kenya region as majority of foolish Kenyans have been meant to believe, for indeed the same poverty levels I see in Malichi is the same I see in Kahuro.

Why this agony? Why should we turn on our TVs to the same narrative about CORD’s presidential candidate? Of what import is and will be CORD’s presidential candidate to a poor family in Ukunda or Todenyang’? I think we have current pressing issues that need more national attention and focus. What is causing the agony to many people in Kenya are more basic things which have been denied of them due to the thieving regime and mismanagement of the state. The media is not even asking questions on what agenda that CORD has in addressing these pressing matters. They are only feeding us with “the who will be the candidate.” Of what use is this debate? Kenyan media needs to rise up and set national agenda on issues that matter to Kenya and Kenyans. The media needs to be in touch with the reality. There is no shortage of themes of national importance and urgency for the Kenyan media to set an agenda and national conversation on. An example is the runway corruption in this country.  Corruption goes to impoverish, someone in Marsabit just as it does someone in Keumbu. It is a matter of national concern, it must be made one; debate on corruption must be sustained and escalated enough to cause action. Kenyans are losing billions of tax-payers money which could go into addressing the most pressing issues that plague the people. Instead of us having a sustained conversation on futile things like CORD’s possible presidential candidate (which of course must be from the same old and tired people who have served in previous governments with no known practical impact in the lives of the people), the media should set an agenda for national debate on practical strategies of addressing issues like corruption which, in my view, is now a national disaster. 
The Kenyan Media’s Debate on CORD’s Presidential Candidate is Misplaced The Kenyan Media’s Debate on CORD’s Presidential Candidate is Misplaced Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on October 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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