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Bitter Africans Cannot Save Africa

History has it that there is a group of Africans who have over time thronged western universities for "quality" education only to return home very bitter women and men. All they do is attack the all-time wicked westernization of the world. It is fine to stand against western ideologies that have sacked the rest of the world especially Africa dry in service of the western good. But again can't these people pose a moment and ask one question. Why should the west continue giving scholarships to people, some of whom have demonstrated a history of returning home only to attack the same west from whose system they have benefited? Are the masterminds so dumb? No. There is another school of thought. Their conspiracy is working; very well actually.

The purposes of scholarships for western education targeting Africans are varied and include but not limited to the following: (a) convert some and make them western agents and puppets of teh west in Africa upon their return; (b) retain some to stay and work in the west, especially the best ones; (c) make some acquire a don't care approach to life especially by luring them into a false belief that westerners are no better than Africans in terms of social welfare and that both suffer from similar or related challenges of life forgetting that the west has better access to basic things like healthcare that remain distant to many Africans; and (d) anger some such that when they return they do nothing productive for and in Africa but spend their entire adult life attacking the west instead of working to develop Africa. 

I am worried this last one is becoming rampant these days. I am saddened that brilliant people that I have known very well are returning from the west, not only with post-graduate and doctoral degrees but also with a lot of anger and bitterness which I doubt is going to help Africa in any way. For Africa to emancipate herself from slavery she needs sons and daughters with cool heads. Just as angry women are never good champions of gender equality, bitter Africans are not going to be better champions of #blacklivesmatter
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