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It is Uhuru Kenyatta not Raila Odinga that Kenyans have a Contract with

I thought Uhuru Kenyatta was President and Jubilee was government. So how on earth are we supposed to be calling on the the Opposition in general and Raila Odinga in particular to tackle and/or - in the words of Duale - speak emphatically on corruption? Do Kenyans have a contract with Raila Odinga or with one Uhuru Kenyatta? I mean honestly, Odinga can play politics with corruption all day long every day round the clock and there is no justification whatsoever for anybody to purport to put him on the spot; Ruto cannot pretend to be calling on Odinga to account for runway corruption in counties headed by ODM/CORD governors. It is nothing short of #dumbassery simply because Odinga is not in any known arrangement with Kenyans to fight graft in this country. Uhuru cannot go to Bungoma as say Odinga was Prime Minister and did nothing; he is President now and should be busy doing something not telling us what past office holders did or did not do. How come he does not tell us what Moi did not do for 24 years? Uhuru should be told that he cannot and must not do this to Kenyans because he is sworn to do what we are calling him to do. He must fight corruption or else Kenyans must rise and fight him. He has no otherwise. There are no Odinga governors in Kenya; we have 47 governors heading 47 county governments of the republic of Kenya and if any of those governments is corrupt then those in control of state power MUST deal with them and that is how and why Uhuru cannot be running away from his responsibilities. We will always pull him back to the fire that he is attempting to take off from. He must figure out how to put that fire off or we shall figure out how to put him off. Borrowing from Justice Njoki Ndung'u, I say: if Uhuru Kenyatta continues like this, we should remove him, we shall remove him, we will remove him. Simple. Can't wait for #Wanjikurevolution
It is Uhuru Kenyatta not Raila Odinga that Kenyans have a Contract with It is Uhuru Kenyatta not Raila Odinga that Kenyans have a Contract with Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on November 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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