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What About this Demand for Experience?

Experience will never teach you truth; it may help you discover or fail to discover, understand better or fail to understand at all, see or fail to see the truth from other angles. Truth is timeliness, you have no business living longer to know it, live by it, teach it, after all, almost all revolutionaries including religious figures who changed the world forever like Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad of Mecca never lived up to old age to become influential yet they were so intimately close to the truth, a factor that led to their unrivaled influence.

Many people who are capable of changing this world are denied opportunities in all sectors literally on account of so called "lack of experience." Unfortunately, most of the experiences that old people bring are the same tired strategies including their history of mismanagement and thievery and so on. But we continue clinging to this and keep on experiencing much of the same. Many young people die waiting to hold positions of power to influence and change the world regardless of whether or not they do have brilliant ideas and are in close intimacy with what is true. They spend too much of valuable time trying to crack open the strong rooms of power and by the time they access it they are old and tired and their experiences are characterized by anguish. Are we no locked in this trap
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