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Why Ahmednasir Abdullahi Could be Right after all

In as far as many people seem to hate what Ahmednasir Abdullahi is saying and pretend not to want to hear what he is saying and what have you, the man could be right, after all. He says that “since 1963 Kenya has done nothing about corruption; even if we talk nothing will happen.” Bitter but straight and clear. He goes on to argue that the people who steal are in government and cannot allow anything to be done about corruption because they go to government to steal. So the grand Muller advised us - the ordinary hardworking Kenyans - to focus our attention elsewhere and find better things to do because even if we shout day and night about corruption in Kenya nothing will happen. OK Sir. I hear you.

But you know we are humans, when we hear a huge sound; we would rather think it is fireworks or a tyre burst; we do not want to think and would avoid to imagine it to be a live bullet pumped into a living mortal causing fatal injury. I have often times been lectured on the need to think 'positively' whatever that is. Society does not like tragedies but unfortunately they too are realities and are part of the same life hence inescapable. Corruption is our tragedy; let us find a way to live with it now that we have failed to fight it. Or didn’t the president give up the other day? 
Why Ahmednasir Abdullahi Could be Right after all Why Ahmednasir Abdullahi Could be Right after all Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on November 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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