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President Kenyatta can do Better than Attacking the ICC

President Uhuru Kenyatta always talks against and attacks the ICC. He has always and successfully so endeavoured to position Kenya and Kenyans against the ICC for his own personal and political gains with total disregard of the real issues. No wonder he still needs a poor and uninformed populace to keep manipulating for his own good and the good of those around him. As president, Kenyatta has never sought to have a genuine national conversation around how some Kenyans including himself ended up in the ICC. He has never used his position as president to make any known genuine attempt at addressing the issues that led Kenya to the ICC, he never ever wants to mention the TJRC process and its report, he avoids the Ndung'u report like a plague. He doesn't want to tackle the real issue. ICC is a symptom, the disease was and still is elsewhere and he perfectly knows where. On national days of importance like #JamhuriDay2016 the president should lead the nation into a deeper national conversation, national consciousness raising and soul searching that may help reinstate the lost covenant. He has clear avenues in the constitution to initiate and sustain national dialogue on national cohesion and integration for peace, security and development of our nation. But then, for some strange reason, he chooses to treat the nation to endless rhetoric. Our president is very quick to quote the constitution when he wants to tell us that his hands are tied and that there is nothing he can do in dealing with corruption since the supreme law has created institutions that are 'too independent' but he elides the national charter on areas where it creates for him clear avenues to lead the people of Kenyan into creating a nation that posterity will be proud of. He has been assigned the role of symbol of national unity but his word and conduct do not quite represent and reflect such a symbolism. The President has clearly chosen to settle for less, even with full knowledge that he can actually and should achieve much more 
President Kenyatta can do Better than Attacking the ICC President Kenyatta can do Better than Attacking the ICC Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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