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Scare-Mongery is a Diversionary Tactic by a Government in Failure

Do not sit pretty and think Uhuru Kenyatta is foolish. No. He is an intelligent man above all a politician. So someone told me that Uhuru qualifies as candidate for civic education. I had to ask why. My friend is an intelligent man and his answer was schooled. He simply told me civic education includes informing the people about the need and importance of civic education itself. The fact that Uhuru thinks civic education is not required in Kenya means he himself needs to be educated to appreciate the need for civic education. This sounds very, interesting, isn't it? But I told him that before he is president, Kenyatta is a politician. He now unleashed the ICC on the people, he will parade millions of Kenyans and position them against the ICC and so called foreign powers and imaginary meddling in Kenyan internal matters and erosion of sovereignty. He will then tell them that good old story about colonialism and imperialism that the African elite love talking about when they are not busy transacting with same imperialists as they scheme and actualize strategies to impoverish the poor Africans. An uninformed populace won't ask him hard questions such as his role and that of his father in furthering imperialism in Kenya. But again an uninformed populace won't judge him against the 4U Jubilee agenda and hold him accountable on the promise he made few years ago. Uninformed populace will instead dwell on the ICC and imaginary foreigners and imperialism etc and get emotionally charged. They will go to vote and they will vote not on what Uhuru is capable of but against a false scare created to help them imagine that someone wants to destroy Kenya and that the people of Kenya must rise to save Kenya and that voting Uhuru is the only sure way to do this because he is the one who is against imperialism. But where are his family's estates again? Actually the true enemy of Kenya is corruption which Uhuru can fight without blaming some imperialists. And he can actually deal will imperialists since we the peoples of Kenya, 45 million of us, have surrendered all our powers to him and given him the instruments with which to protect Kenyans and Kenya from any form of external aggression. Well both myself and my friend cannot be right on this. One of us has to accept he is wrong. I am not, I haven't and my friend is not, he hasn't.
Scare-Mongery is a Diversionary Tactic by a Government in Failure Scare-Mongery is a Diversionary Tactic by a Government in Failure Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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