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What is Magufuli's Position on the Politics of the Union?

What became of Sheikh Abeid Karume's Zanzibar Manifesto of 1964? I am hoping the constitution making process in the United Republic of Tanzania will commence again soon and will be happy to follow the debate, to understand the place of Zanzibar in the union and its implications for the future stability of the state of the two nations. Someone thinks at independence Karume's Zanzibar was powerful than Nyerere's Tanganyika. I say I am not competent to comment on that. Will anyone emerge in the near future and claim they want to make Zanzibar great again? Time will tell but memories of an electoral coup witnessed recently in the magical islands of Pemba and Unguja depict a troubled archipelago. Whichever way again anybody wants to govern (oh rule), what the people say is going to matter a great deal. Maguuli may be good in many other things (according to his admirers) but he appears as someone who has no clue on what to do with the elephant in the room (the union question). He has successfully given that question a black out for several months now, since he came to power but I doubt it is not going to start haunting him soon. I have been searching all over his adult life, academic and public life career to see what his position on the union has been but there is no literature. He has been busy teaching and constructing roads and defending government and fighting corruption and giving detailed reports in parliament on his docket specifically at the helm of the ministry of public works (roads etc) but has never quite pronounced himself on the union.
What is Magufuli's Position on the Politics of the Union? What is Magufuli's Position on the Politics of the Union? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 14, 2016 Rating: 5

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