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Thinking about the Crisis in The Gambia

So President Adama Barrow has been inauguration in Senegal as 'President Yahya Jammeh stays put back home in the Gambia! The Gambia now has 'two presidents' already and one must go either at will or by force. That is how nasty it gets. Of course Senegal has remained clear it will take the lead in ensuring Jammeh goes, Nigerian warship is said to be the waters of the Gambia already, ECOWAS' decision for Jammeh to respect the will of the people and step down stands and the AU has already pronounced that it won't recognize Jammeh as president of the Gambia past this line! As a career peace-builder my concern is on the human cost of this crisis (death, loss, injuries, rape, torture, destruction, refugees, IDPs, challenges of ending the crisis and reconstruction etc) not so much on the regional balance of power in west Africa. If you thought that hard politics had nothing to do with you, think again, politics has everything to do with your life. This is exactly how a single political act of one man puts lives of millions of people on the line. 
Thinking about the Crisis in The Gambia Thinking about the Crisis in The Gambia Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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