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Yes, We Can End the Bandit Economy

There were days when we used to fight bandits but these days we elect or allow them to impose themselves as our "leaders". A bandit economy did not just emerge; we are party to it, either we created it or allowed it to happen by doing nothing to stop it from coming to be. Either way we are culpable. Both sins of commission and those of omission are punishable. If the law does not punish us, God will surely do. If you think you can run away from creating a better political order in the world today, you are mistaken because you have civic rights and duties. You stand accused for not taking your responsibilities as a citizen seriously. And if you think you can hide behind religion and claim politics is dirty and you are searching purity, away from the political processes that affect your life, the lives of those around you and the lives of those to come, sorry you cannot do it without offending God your creator for indeed God will ask you one day what did you do or not do when you were in this world! Remember that story of 'whatever you did to them you did to me?' May be you choose to be a pagan or an "atheist" to avoid meeting God in the day of judgement and as one philosopher by the name Bentham argued; if finally it so happens that God existed and you denied Him then you are doomed. You are better off accepting his existence and if and when you accept Him, you immediately have responsibilities as a citizen. Poor Mortals! Arise and defend your cause; the cause of truth and justice and peace will be your portion in this and in the life to come. We must put bandits where they belong. Not in public offices because they are 'our own!' #WanjikuRevolution #BringBackKenya #PundaAmechoka
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