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Agikuyu Hegemony and the Irrational Phobia of Raila Odinga

It is only once that I have dared a Kikuyu friend to give me just one reason why she hated Raila Odinga so much. As anyone can guess there wasn't any reason forthcoming. I always argue that majority of the Kikuyus are victims; they have never been beneficiaries of the state capture and banditism that we see around. The Kikuyu hegemony is too elitist to benefit an ordinary Kikuyu woman and man. In fact, the first causalities of Kenyattaism were Kikuyus who were dispossessed of their land en mase, they went on to be scattered across the country and have since suffered a great deal the consequences of this historical dispossession. Is it no factual that so many members of the Kikuyu community have been killed and displaced in the Rift Valley in various waves of ethnically targeted violence? We often only think of the post-election violence of 2007-8 but those who were in Molo in early 90s know the level of pain and loss inflicted on and suffered by many families of ordinary Kikukuyus in that part of the Rift Valley. Are the Kenyattas not still occupying tracks of land in Mount Kenya? The only tragedy is that an average Kikuyu has been raised knowing that Raila Odinga is very bad and that Luos are to be despised (of course, they are never told why because even those who teach them so they do not have any reason). This is done in a manner that is almost ritualistic. History has it. An average Kikuyu is a victim of a lie; they need help but for the help to come their way they may need to acknowledge that there is a problem and that they are victims of a sin they never committed. To dismantle the Agikuyu hegemony which has caused so much pain and suffering in Kenya - to all communities including the Kikuyu themselves - would require, first, liberating an average Kikuyu from the so called "irrational phobia" of Raila Odinga, Odingaism in general and by extension the Luo community. Convincing an ordinary Kikuyu that Raila Odinga or any other Luo man or woman for that matter can be president of Kenya and that Kenya can actually be just fine is certainly an uphill task but I think to heal and create a nation out of a fractured project we call Kenya we just need to invest in this venture.
Agikuyu Hegemony and the Irrational Phobia of Raila Odinga Agikuyu Hegemony and the Irrational Phobia of Raila Odinga Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on February 10, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Total and utter hogwash of an article.Don't present twisted opinions and skewed narratives as facts because the all the irrational utterances by Odinga are all recorded over the years in the media for all to see.He is not disliked for nothing.

  2. Puetro, does the fact that Odinga has made irrational utterances as you say or even committed known or/and unknown sins render the fact that there is Agikuyu hegemony in Kenya invalid? Were we to grant it that Odinga is irrational and that his irrationality is the justification for the phobia, how do we explain the fact that this is only prevalent (almost to the last man) in the Kikuyu nation? I think before deploying nice sounding words like hogwash in dismissing opinions you do not agree with check Kenya's chequered political history; it is a little complex than typing "utter hogwash"


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