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The Lost African Dream

Samora Machel, escaped Portuguese Colonial oppression in Mozambique to join FRELIMO (The Mozambique Liberation Front) which had established its base of operations in Tanzania along with the South African ANC (African National Congress), PAC (Pan-Africanist Congress), the Namibian SWAPO (Namibian South West African People's Organization), and the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) with the unwavering support of Pan-Africanist Julius Nyerere.  This as example of the African dream that has since been lost. That was a time when true sons and daughters of Africa created networks of international friendship in which the agenda was not only to fight for freedom of the people of Africa collectively but also to promote pan-Africanism. These men and women had a dream; they had a vision which they were ready to pursue at a cost – even when such a cost was ultimate. Today we have wolves; we call “leaders” who devour their own people. They have joined a club of old boys and few girls who have distinguished themselves in collaborating with the colonizers to suck our blood. We have ‘new crop” of African leaders whose mission is to loot our continent only to enrich themselves. In the process of looting they kill, maim, rape and destroy and they create and / or destroy systems that help them to perpetuate impunity or / and evade justice. They have held their own people at ransom and are ready to hawk them to the highest bidder at an opportune moment in the global jungle. 
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