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Is the God of Kenyans Dead?

Thank God it is a Sunday. This is a very important day. It is the day that the lie will be cemented. Majority of Kenyans will throng churches where they will praise and worship in thanksgiving to God for very "peaceful elections". They will pray for the same peace to continue to be in plenty in our borders. At least, for a moment they will forget that our national anthem is a cry for justice above everything. They will forget the now decomposing bodies of a number of Kenyans who have fallen to the bullets of the very people they train and pay to protect them. Kenyans will forget all that, dance to the tune of soothing gospel music and praise a God who would appear to be a blood thirsty deity who takes pleasure in the death of some innocent kid in Mathari that must die for Kenya to be Kenya. When they finally take to the pulpits the preachers will unleash enough doses of that same opium (imagined promise of peace and unity), tell them how Kenya is all we have, how it is only peace that we want, how those (s)elected are a choice of God and how the people must accept God's holy will etc. Sweet sermons, no? Then Kenyans will go back home very happy people believing that peace has won and that the real winners are not capitalist business cartels but the people of Kenya. 
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