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It is Time to Rethink Presidential Election

I think what is important for Kenya is an acknowledgement that presidential elections as they are make little on no sense. Perhaps, in the interest of building a nation out of this fragmented project, we may need to commence another struggle for liberation after Uhuru Kenyatta is sworn in for a contested second term. We do have many options. The surest is to go back to the Bomas Constitutional making process, get hold of the Bomas draft and make it the basis of statecraftism. A move away from the presidential system and/or adoption of collegiate vote and strengthening of devolution are our best options otherwise we shall keep experiencing this horrifying electoral processes after every 5 years. As we speak even Uhuru's supporters deep down their hearts know that it is almost immoral to celebrate this victory for reasons that are known.
It is Time to Rethink Presidential Election It is Time to Rethink Presidential Election Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on August 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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