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Of Odinga's Canaan and Besigye's Defiance

I can guess with near certainty that Raila Odinga just like Uganda's Kizza Besigye went into this election well aware that those in state control would accept anything other than his presidency. I choose to draw a parallel. Both men went into elections with convictions that they may carry the day in terms of actual votes cast but may not be allowed to ascend into power. And so Besyge campaigned on the platform of defiance and a promise of the liberation of Uganda and Raila campaigned on the platform of "we shall not accept another stolen election" and a promise of "Canaan." In the near future I will be interested to read about, listen to and comment not only on the framings but also the democratic promise that these campaigns hold not only for Uganda and Kenya but the region and Africa as a whole. I am alive to the fact that Besigye's defiance campaign is pretty much alive 2 years after Uganda's shambolic elections and that Odinga has been clear that his is an aspiration for Kenya that transcends these elections. It will be interesting to see the political twist that Odinga's Kenya takes after this Friday and as is related to Besigye's Uganda
Of Odinga's Canaan and Besigye's Defiance Of Odinga's Canaan and Besigye's Defiance Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on August 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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