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Questions on Poll Credibility Linger

...hold on; IEBC is not Jubilee Party of Kenya and Jubilee is not IEBC. At least in theory. Why should Jubilee enthusiasts always almost impulsively feel an obligation to jump into the defense of the IEBC?! A clever fool will tell you it is because Jubilee is government. But IEBC is not government! We, the people have trouble with IEBC. Jubilee party can criminalize government if it so wishes but should let us scrutinize the IEBC as a tool of the people. The IEBC is the custodian of our universal suffrage. It is too serious a matter to toy around with! It is idiotic for anyone to argue that "tunasumbua IEBC!" If you have no question to raise about the yet to be concluded electoral process, just "move on." Some of us have unfinished business and we aren't going to "move on" blindly. We aren't as naive. We are not voting robots who are only pre-configured to vote in a certain way and "move on!"
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