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That Kikuyus are Peaceful and Luos Unpeaceful is a Lie

Interesting how so many people choose to amend history for political expediency. So, what you hear is that members of the Luo nation are violent, rowdy, disorderly, unruly etc and that members of certain other nations like the Kikuyu are calm and orderly. The recent comparison doing rounds is framed in the question: "why is it that Luos want to burn Lumumba's home for supporting IEBC yet Kikuyus are not doing the same to Mwangi for supporting Raila?" And the flawed conclusion is that this is testament to the old claim that Luos are violent and Kikuyus are peaceful. But here is the thing, the contexts are very different; one joyous the other sorrowful; one nation believes it won, another nation believes their victory has once again been stolen.It is normal and human to feel a sense of betrayal. And reactions to betrayal, anywhere, are not necessarily rational. So, the Luos may tend towards doing what is irrational but also will tend towards struggling for justice. Struggles for justice anywhere are marked with flash points of violence because they are struggles of the weak (the people) against the strong (the state). Suerly we know that the Kikuyus were characterized as one of the most violent communities in Kenya during the struggle against the colonial state. Moi and his repressive KANU regime was opposed, at times violently by members of the Kikuyu nation. It is a lie, therefore to argue that members of the Kikuyu nation are naturally calm and orderly; they are not. Here is the thing. the Kikuyu nation has only been out of power once since Kenya's independence and during that time they really used to behave badly; they were rowdy; they were unpeaceful; they were unruly etc. Indeed Kenya witnessed anti-Moi protests in Kiambu and in many other Kikuyu territories just as we witness them in Kisumu and the Luo territories these days. The notion that the Kikuyu nation is naturally calm is an illusion; it is a lie. But, it comes from the fact that they have largely controlled state power. You do not struggle against state when you are in control of the state. An average Kikuyu has neither the urgency nor the reason to protest; an average Luo has. Those are two scenarios that we have chosen to ignore and continued to compare the incomparable. If we appreciate the contextual variation we can understand the protests in Luo Nyanza. We can also understand certain irrational acts such as the claim that some youth want to destroy PLO Lumumba's home in Nyanza. In this case, the question on why the Kikuyus are not doing the same to Kikuyu lawyers who supported Raila does not arise. And the argument that one nation is peaceful and the other unpeceful is effectively invalidated. Luos are just feeling betrayed by one of their own, just as the Kikuyus felt betrayed by Charles Njonjo for aligning with Moi during the Kenyatta succession politics. 
That Kikuyus are Peaceful and Luos Unpeaceful is a Lie That Kikuyus are Peaceful and Luos Unpeaceful is a Lie Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on August 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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