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The IEBC and Jubilee are Similar-Same

The Presidential election petition also helps us (who bother to) to see a little more clearly how difficult it is to spot a line between Jubilee and the IEBC. The submissions of the 3 parties (IEBC, Chebukati and Uhuru) appear to be too similar. I imagined that Uhuru Kenyatta would basically submit that he is merely a beneficiary of a process to which he had no any control or/and influence and hence he had nothing to answer to the NASA petition. The IEBC and Chebukati (as managers of elections) not Jubilee and Uhuru, are the persons to demonstrate the credibility and verifiability of the electoral process. But Uhuru has been defending the process in a manner that suggeats he was part of the management of the electoral process.
The IEBC and Jubilee are Similar-Same The IEBC and Jubilee are Similar-Same Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on August 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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