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Thinking Donald Trump is Tragic? Think Again

Hold on, Trump is not necessarily tragic to America and the world. It is an "illusionistic" fantasy - prevalent in the insideout - that Trump is bad news to America and the world. He is what America needs, after all. In every so often America has had to have some "mad man" in the Whitehouse without which America runs an existential threat. After all, is America's greatness not a microcosm of a well thought and packaged untruth which must be cautiously guarded and perpetuated? Having a thoroughgoing sobriety in the Whitehouse is detrimental to America and the world for indeed fading of and/or collapse of so called America's greatness will inevitably and greatly so impact the globe and determine the future not only of America but also the entire international system. Such a future may not be necessary pleasant than what is. Statusquosts would argue for guarding and maintaining the known and the current in as far as it is manageable, controllable and rewarding than running the risk of moving towards embracing the glittering promise of the unknown. Having a mad man at Whitehouse helps balance the power and is somehow a blessing in disguise to the world because it extends the lifeline of the "eternal" untruth hence assuring the survival of the system for few more years. Many people around the world are not sufficiently prepared to handle the truth hence we are better off with the untruth. In as far as that is happening we are traveling, stealing, eating, drinking, marrying, fighting, making peace, enjoying, suffering and doing all manner of things. We are happy, no? I haven't forgotten that from the realpolitic point of view, too much global stability is dangerous to the world and its contents including mortals. We surely must be having few things here and there to resolve, perch, align, fix, sort etc. That's is exactly how America survives and ensures its greatness; fixing stuff around the world and creating others to fix when there is none. The more reason America and the world needs a Trump after every so often.
Thinking Donald Trump is Tragic? Think Again Thinking Donald Trump is Tragic? Think Again Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on August 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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